New Mommy

New Mommy

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time passes by, baby keeps growing!

24 weeks down....nerves are rising as I am getting closer and closer to actually being a mommy. Chris finally felt our little girl move for the first time this morning. He is so happy, he thought she didn't like him or something.

Anyway, my sis and best friend are working together to throw my baby shower, which is great but I am feeling some tension as each of them wanted to throw it themselves and I pushed them together. I don't need multiple showers, just one for my co-workers and one for family and friends and that will call it good.

On top of everything, mom has mentioned that if things don't get better between her and my sister she won't come at all. GREAT! Let the drama begin!

In the month of September I flew to San Diego to visit family and to Las Vegas for a National Karaoke contest...and to visit family. This made me learn the heard way about changes in elevation and pregnancy swelling of my feet. So awesome to have your ankles look like softballs.

Chris is still waiting to hear about a new job, which would be awesome so we can move to a bigger place to have an actual baby room. But nothing as of yet. He is getting some money now and then now that he is in a band, but they have only had one gig. Once he gets more gigs that is more money for diapers and whatnot.

Speaking of diapers, I am getting my baby shower invitees list done and will hopefully start my register this week. Hopefully.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's alive!

Wednesday we had our first doctor's appointment in Cheyenne. I was so nervous...but everyone at the doctor's office was so nice and understanding.
They did the regular stuff, poke and prod and feel and push. Then they wanted to do an ultrasound, but not a regular one, one that goes inside. They showed Chris and I the baby, and let us hear the heart beat. Our baby, which we now loving call Sea Monkey (because it looks like one) had the smallest little fast heart beat. They measured it at .9 cm, which means it's head is the size of a pin...pinhead. I think Sea Monkey is a cuter name right now.
But seeing it and hearing the heartbeat really brought it home that we are really doing this, we are really going to have a baby.
Then I started freaking out afraid I wouldn't be a good mother, that things with Chris and I were never going to be the same. Chris is happy and tells me every new mother feels this way and it's normal.
However, after we were done with the doctor, then came the billing department.

For routine prenatal care, vaginal delivery and routine postpartum care alone will be about $3761.00

This does not include any hospital stays or expenses during delivery, or any labs or ultrasounds or tests before delivery.

So that was our reality check on Wednesday.

Thursday I started thinking of a budget that we would absolutely have to stick to to save money for this whole thing, and then Friday happened.

Friday Chris' truck got tested due to a simple light that said "Check Engine". To which he called me at work to inform me that this repair job would cost $1274.48. That same day as well, my car procrastinated in starting for about 8 minutes. Leading me to believe I need a new battery...however much that will cost. We will find out today.

So going forward, I have come to the realization that we will be immersed in debt till this kid goes off to college.

I am so depressed.

Chris has highly considered extending his contract here at the TV station, which is convenient in the fact that we don't have to move, I will have the same doctors throughout and family is close by. They will not increase his pay which is why I DON'T want to stay here. We are barely making it as it is. AAGGHHH!!!

So now I am praying for a great job offer for Chris to magically appear.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh goodness, here we go! keep in mind the famous quote by John Lennon who said, "Life happens when your busy making other plans."
That is what I found out May 13th, a Thursday morning, 4 days late...peed on a stick and it said we were pregnant.
As shocking as this was, especially after my most recent doctor's appointment, we got confirmation of our pregnancy by that same doctor that following Monday.
Most of our reactions from co-workers, family and friends were that of joy and excitement, those that weren't in that category were that of my mother and father who were concerned.
Yes we know I have a high risk for miscarriage, but we just want to enjoy the life inside me as long as possible, hopefully forever!
My fingers are getting tired on Chris' work computer, more to come later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uh, oh...starting to worry...

So if you read my previous post, the plan was and is to put off the baby making business until October, to which by then I would have been back on my PCOS meds for 6 months and hopefully have lost about 30 lbs.
One slight problem....
I am starting to freak because I am late. Usually my monthly gift/curse arrives on Monday, and usually I have a 28 day cycle. It is Wednesday, and nothing. My ovulation calender that I have been using before the change of plans says I should probably take a test if it doesn't come by Thursday.
Thousands of thoughts run through my brain at the moment trying to figure out how a feel or how I should feel, if this is a good thing or a bad thing...if my medication can be messing with my cycle or if I could be pregnant, and if so, would me getting pregnant end badly i.e. miscarriage, unhealthy baby etc.
Could it be stress for the reason I am late? If I am pregnant how do I explain that to my doctor who specifically said not too until the before mentioned things were under control.
On top of that, after months of trying, should I be happy if I am pregnant? I want to be, but I am so worried about all the things my doctor said. I am also afraid to tell family because if I miscarry I don't know how we will all handle it.
I had to put it out there, all my concerns so I wouldn't keep them bottled up in worry and stress me out further.
P.S. last time I weighed myself I lost 5 lbs, pills make me nauseous and I vomited twice, I hope it was due to the medication and not because I could be pregnant.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family problems...or problems making a family

Chris and I have been talking about kids and starting a family for the last 3 years, more seriously over the last year. I took myself off birth control almost a year ago and nothing has come from it. I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) about 3 years ago. PCOS effects insulin and how insulin works, it can lead to diabetes, infertility as well as various kinds of cancer prone to females.
I had my annual pap the other day and my doctor was pissed because I took myself off my meds for PCOS and haven't been eating the way I need to be eating. It is difficult with a husband who is addicted to fast food and carbs and sugar.
So I need to put off the baby making until I lose some weight and eat better and exercise. It will help with ovulation, and prevent gestational diabetes as well as lower my chances for miscarriages.
So I am back on meds and my husband and I are working towards trying to find healthy low-carb high-protein meal options. If anyone out there has any good food options for us or good recipes please let us know.
So not only will this blog be about storm chasing and marriage, it will also be about my weight loss and how it is progressing.
I will go out there and say I will need to lose about 30+ lbs. So my initial goal is to lose 30 lbs.
I will do this by taking my meds, eating right and finding a regular exercise regime.
Day One starts today...and I will track my weight loss here. So far 0 lbs lost.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days like this...

Have you ever had one of the days from work where you just wanted to take a 9 iron to something or someone just because of something small and stupid? After working a 9 hour day at work, all I wish I could do is go buy the new book from the Sookie Stackhouse series and just crash on the couch for a couple days and just vegetate and read.

So if my husband reads this after I had to drain what's left of our bank account to bring him dinner because of the bad weather that was supposed to start 90 minutes ago, I would love the book or a back rub. Your choice.

When will this stupid economy turn around and help us more than harm us?

Soon I will get lost in LOST and then head home from the TV station and go to bed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Time Changes Everything

So I have finally reached the point where I honestly need to commit to putting my thoughts and my feelings out for the world to absorb. Not for the benefit of the world, but for my own well being.
The last ten years of my life has been an emotional roller coaster. Not that no one else's life isn't, but this is my blog. If you had a roller coaster the last ten years, by all means put it in your blog.
Who would have thought I would have met the love of my life in Spanish class? I did, almost five years ago. We met in college, both taking Spanish class as a resort to help our daily lives living in Greeley, CO. Ironically, we didn't talk much in class, and he was with someone else at the time. What was even more strange was that we both auditioned for American Idol that year in Denver, back in September 2005. It was technology (myspace) where he found me and remembered in brief attempts of me trying to pick him up that I love karaoke. He emailed me to go out to karaoke one night, and so a flame was ignited.
Chris and I married September 12th, 2008. We spent a little over $10k for 80 people to eat, drink and be merry, and unfortunately someone drank a little too much. Someone I never expected to do what they did...and almost ruined the whole wedding. It was like having a romantic comedy about a wedding playing in my head. This person was in many pictures and a big part of my life up to that part, and still hasn't muscled up the courage to apologize. Yes I still have issues about it, especially when I have to see this family member many times throughout the year. Bad blood, lets move on!
Our marriage isn't a typical marriage. My husband is a TV Weatherman.
On TV.
I am super proud of him, and he knows the sacrifices we both have made to start and hopefully succeed in his career. It is funny how everything is based on what the weather does:
Big snow storm = brave the blizzard to bring dinner to the TV station so he can eat
Sunny beautiful day = boring...yes boring.
Dangerous thunderstorms and tornadoes = hurry up let's go see it!
God knows my life feels more complete with him in it. But I am not gonna definitely got more interesting.
So with new career for him, bills turning into a skyscraper, the government taking control of everything and trying to get a handle on finances...who wouldn't stress?
But this blog isn't just about the negatives of marriage and starting a family, it's about the good things...the love, the surprises and the comedy of being to fools in love.