New Mommy

New Mommy

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's alive!

Wednesday we had our first doctor's appointment in Cheyenne. I was so nervous...but everyone at the doctor's office was so nice and understanding.
They did the regular stuff, poke and prod and feel and push. Then they wanted to do an ultrasound, but not a regular one, one that goes inside. They showed Chris and I the baby, and let us hear the heart beat. Our baby, which we now loving call Sea Monkey (because it looks like one) had the smallest little fast heart beat. They measured it at .9 cm, which means it's head is the size of a pin...pinhead. I think Sea Monkey is a cuter name right now.
But seeing it and hearing the heartbeat really brought it home that we are really doing this, we are really going to have a baby.
Then I started freaking out afraid I wouldn't be a good mother, that things with Chris and I were never going to be the same. Chris is happy and tells me every new mother feels this way and it's normal.
However, after we were done with the doctor, then came the billing department.

For routine prenatal care, vaginal delivery and routine postpartum care alone will be about $3761.00

This does not include any hospital stays or expenses during delivery, or any labs or ultrasounds or tests before delivery.

So that was our reality check on Wednesday.

Thursday I started thinking of a budget that we would absolutely have to stick to to save money for this whole thing, and then Friday happened.

Friday Chris' truck got tested due to a simple light that said "Check Engine". To which he called me at work to inform me that this repair job would cost $1274.48. That same day as well, my car procrastinated in starting for about 8 minutes. Leading me to believe I need a new battery...however much that will cost. We will find out today.

So going forward, I have come to the realization that we will be immersed in debt till this kid goes off to college.

I am so depressed.

Chris has highly considered extending his contract here at the TV station, which is convenient in the fact that we don't have to move, I will have the same doctors throughout and family is close by. They will not increase his pay which is why I DON'T want to stay here. We are barely making it as it is. AAGGHHH!!!

So now I am praying for a great job offer for Chris to magically appear.