New Mommy

New Mommy

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh goodness, here we go! keep in mind the famous quote by John Lennon who said, "Life happens when your busy making other plans."
That is what I found out May 13th, a Thursday morning, 4 days late...peed on a stick and it said we were pregnant.
As shocking as this was, especially after my most recent doctor's appointment, we got confirmation of our pregnancy by that same doctor that following Monday.
Most of our reactions from co-workers, family and friends were that of joy and excitement, those that weren't in that category were that of my mother and father who were concerned.
Yes we know I have a high risk for miscarriage, but we just want to enjoy the life inside me as long as possible, hopefully forever!
My fingers are getting tired on Chris' work computer, more to come later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uh, oh...starting to worry...

So if you read my previous post, the plan was and is to put off the baby making business until October, to which by then I would have been back on my PCOS meds for 6 months and hopefully have lost about 30 lbs.
One slight problem....
I am starting to freak because I am late. Usually my monthly gift/curse arrives on Monday, and usually I have a 28 day cycle. It is Wednesday, and nothing. My ovulation calender that I have been using before the change of plans says I should probably take a test if it doesn't come by Thursday.
Thousands of thoughts run through my brain at the moment trying to figure out how a feel or how I should feel, if this is a good thing or a bad thing...if my medication can be messing with my cycle or if I could be pregnant, and if so, would me getting pregnant end badly i.e. miscarriage, unhealthy baby etc.
Could it be stress for the reason I am late? If I am pregnant how do I explain that to my doctor who specifically said not too until the before mentioned things were under control.
On top of that, after months of trying, should I be happy if I am pregnant? I want to be, but I am so worried about all the things my doctor said. I am also afraid to tell family because if I miscarry I don't know how we will all handle it.
I had to put it out there, all my concerns so I wouldn't keep them bottled up in worry and stress me out further.
P.S. last time I weighed myself I lost 5 lbs, pills make me nauseous and I vomited twice, I hope it was due to the medication and not because I could be pregnant.