New Mommy

New Mommy

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time passes by, baby keeps growing!

24 weeks down....nerves are rising as I am getting closer and closer to actually being a mommy. Chris finally felt our little girl move for the first time this morning. He is so happy, he thought she didn't like him or something.

Anyway, my sis and best friend are working together to throw my baby shower, which is great but I am feeling some tension as each of them wanted to throw it themselves and I pushed them together. I don't need multiple showers, just one for my co-workers and one for family and friends and that will call it good.

On top of everything, mom has mentioned that if things don't get better between her and my sister she won't come at all. GREAT! Let the drama begin!

In the month of September I flew to San Diego to visit family and to Las Vegas for a National Karaoke contest...and to visit family. This made me learn the heard way about changes in elevation and pregnancy swelling of my feet. So awesome to have your ankles look like softballs.

Chris is still waiting to hear about a new job, which would be awesome so we can move to a bigger place to have an actual baby room. But nothing as of yet. He is getting some money now and then now that he is in a band, but they have only had one gig. Once he gets more gigs that is more money for diapers and whatnot.

Speaking of diapers, I am getting my baby shower invitees list done and will hopefully start my register this week. Hopefully.

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